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Code snippets on Test Management APIs?

2016年9月6日 Administrator 0

Code snippets on Test Management APIs? This post shares code snippets on how to do some common operations using Test Management APIs. Snippet #1 : – Given a test run, find associated test suite. // Query results from the run. ITestCaseResult result = testManagementRun.QueryResults()[0]; // Find the test plan ITestPlan testPlan = testManagementProject.TestPlans.Find(testManagementRun.TestPlanId); // Get test point from result. ITestPoint testPoint = testPlan.FindTestPoint(result.TestPointId); ITe [点击详细……]

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VS2013 密钥 – 所有版本 – 留存备用

2016年9月3日 Administrator 0

网上找的,留存备用 Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 KEY(密钥):BWG7X-J98B3-W34RT-33B3R-JVYW9 Visual Studio Premium 2013 KEY(密钥):FBJVC-3CMTX-D8DVP-RTQCT-92494 Visual Studio Professional 2013  KEY(密钥): XDM3T-W3T3V-MGJWK-8BFVD-GVPKY Team Foundation Server 2013 KEY(密钥):MHG9J-HHHX9-WWPQP-D8T7H-7KCQG